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Key West -  Key West is home to about 25,000 conchs – as the locals are known.  The seasonal residents who stay for up to six months at a time is another group associated with Key West. These two groups are to thank for Key West’s lively arts and entertainment scene including a world-class symphony orchestra and several theater companies. This is arty, laid-back Key West. It is the tourists who give the island its liveliness. Margaritas, sunsets, Hemingway, a lively atmosphere, and Jimmy Buffet!

Key West Lighthouse Museum Key West

Key West Lighthouse Museum KEY WEST One of the best views in the Keys is available from atop this 92-foot lighthouse, built in 1847. The light was intended to save lives but it put to death the livelihood of many Key Westers. The “wreckers” that made their fortunes scavenging ships that foundered on the reef were suddenly out of a job. This and other fascinating stories are described in the exhibits housed in the old keeper’s house, a small clapboard structure adjacent to the lighthouse.

938 Whitehead St, Key West 33040 · 305-294-0012

Hours  Daily 9:30am-4:30pm